Internet Computer Price Predictions: How Far Can Web 3.0 Get ICP Encryption?


There’s a new crypto in the spotlight, and it has an interesting name. The price of Computer Internet (CCC:ICP-USD) has appreciated by more than 17% in the last 24 hours. However, the ICP crypto first became tradable in mid-2021 and has since lost over 90% of its value. Therefore, investors search Internet Computer for price predictions to see exactly where this crypto is going next. At the time of writing, Internet Computer is the 30th largest crypto based on its market capitalization of $ 6.5 billion. The classification of a place is Stellar (CCC:XLM-USD), which has a market cap of $ 7 billion.

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Internet Computer is a blockchain developed by the Dfinity Foundation. The basic theme behind crypto ICP is create a decentralized internet system using a set of protocols that will allow independent data servers to come together and provide an alternative to current cloud services.

In the latest ICP crypto news, Dfinity has successfully created an inter-blockchain bridge, called Terabethia, which can connect to the Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD) network. Therefore, ERC-20 tokens will be able to exist natively on the Dfinity network. In addition, Terabethia will allow the two blockchains to communicate and exchange tokens and smart contracts.

Moreover, ICP crypto continually attracts fans of Web 3.0 with its developments. According to Investor place writer Brenden Rearick:

Investors digest the network’s year-end KPI crypto news, which included a huge 25 proposals introduced into the network. These proposals set a multitude of far-reaching objectives for the network. And they are good at getting people interested in the currency. “

With all of the recent developments in mind, investors are anticipating Internet computer price predictions. Let’s go right in.

Internet Computer Price Predictions: What’s Next for ICP?

  • CryptoNewsZ has a 2022 price prediction of $ 115. This implies an impressive 240% increase over current prices. CryptoNewsZ adds that as long as other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) and Ethereum remain stable, so crypto ICP should see gains as well. Additionally, CryptoNewsZ has a 2025 price prediction of $ 200, which would imply a 492% hike.
  • Parts price forecast has a 2022 price prediction of $ 40.39. This figure represents an increase of 19%. Notably, this prediction was formulated using “prediction models, a set of parameters that the computer can use to make decisions, and a learning component that allows the system to change the parameters as they go. based on experience ”. Coin Price Forecast says that over time its prediction models will improve on their own based on past learning experiences.
  • Portfolio investor has a 2022 price prediction of $ 1.73. This implies a staggering drop of over 94%. Wallet Investor’s exclusive sentiment meter says sentiment surrounding crypto ICP over the past 30 days has been slightly bearish. The website adds that ICP crypto could be a “bad one-year high-risk investment option.”

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