Duval County Public Schools Open Computer Sale for Parents and Employees – 104.5 WOKV


Jacksonville – Starting this week, an online second-hand computer store will open for parents and employees of Duval County public schools. DCPS says it has worked with Urban Mining to sell used computers at prices ranging from $ 50 to $ 300 depending on the model. Some of the models for sale include Lenovo laptops and desktops, IMACs, MacBooks, and Macbooks pros.

DCPS says that in order to access the online sale, parents must have a valid Oneview account associated with a DCPS student and verified by the student’s school. You can create a OneView account by following the link below:

DCPS provided more details for parents and employees.

  • All computers are 50% off for DCPS parents who have one or more students registered in their Oneview account.
  • One computer per student registered in your parent account per year. If you have more than one child associated with your Oneview account, log out after each purchase and log back in to purchase additional computers for your other students.
  • DCPS employees get a 25% discount for a one-time purchase each year
  • Purchases MUST be made ONLINE through your parent or employee Oneview account. Items are not available in the retail store until purchased online.
  • The online store offers a variety of payment options
  • Shipping is available or pick up at the Urban Mining retail store at 2362 Emerson Street
  • You will be notified by email when your order is received and when your order is ready to be picked up or shipped.
  • Sales will continue as additional equipment becomes available. The items will be listed on the sales site. Parents and staff should regularly check for newly listed items.
  • Computers have a 90 day warranty
  • You can use a computer kiosk at any of our schools to access the site and purchase a computer.

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