5 Best Computer Stores in Philadelphia, PA


Below is a list of the best and major computer stores in Philadelphia, PA. To help you find the best computer stores near you in Philadelphia, PA, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of evaluation points.

The best computer stores in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Top rated computer stores in Philadelphia, PA are:

  • Tri-state computing – sells high end computer hardware at affordable prices in Philly.
  • Ape Tek Computers – buy, sell, repair and upgrade computers in Philadelphia.
  • Technesis – quality IT solutions for individuals and businesses in the greater Philadelphia area.
  • Selecronic – the best place to buy computer equipment.
  • Best buy – chain of retailers with a wide range of branded electronics, computers, appliances and more.

Tri-state computing

5 Best Computer Stores in Philadelphia, PA

Tri-state computing is a computer store that sells new and used computers and laptops. This computer store also provides a variety of computer services for businesses and residents of Philly. Tri-State Computech opened in 1997 and has grown into a trusted and trusted computer sales and service provider in Philadelphia. Services such as computer and laptop repairs, data recovery, anti-virus services, system upgrades, etc. are the main focus of their technicians. Their team of IT people have the knowledge and experience to serve you well, whether you’re looking to buy a new device or get your PC or laptop serviced. These professionals will do everything possible to ensure that your needs are met.

Computers, laptops, equipment

Address: 121 S 22nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Telephone: (215) 564-7290
Website: tristatecomputech.com

Has a workstation been built here? The guy stayed well within my budget, showed me a pre-build parts list, and went out of his way to make sure any future upgrades were needed. Works fine 1 year later – Matt R.

Ape Tek Computers

Best Computer Stores in Philadelphia, PA

Ape Tek Computers is an independent computer and electronics store that specializes in a variety of gadgets. They specialize specifically in PC and Mac devices, alongside tablets and security cameras. Ape Tek Computers has served Northeast Philadelphia for over 15 years and has grown to become one of the region’s most trusted technology and sales service providers. Their staff are very experienced and knowledgeable in computer sales and repair and are one of the go-to places for repairs and related issues. If you need your system upgrade or system repair, Ape Tek Computers in Philadelphia is a great choice for your computing needs.

Computers, custom smartphones and tablets, security cameras, prepaid SIM cards, IT services, web design

Address: 6263 Bustleton Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19149
Telephone: (267) 672-8898
Website: apetekcomputer.com

These guys are very loyal and reliable. I came in today and spoke to Chris. He was very helpful and answered my questions and pointed me in the right direction. I highly recommend coming here for all your tech issues! – Sidney Rucker


Best Computer Stores in Philadelphia, PA

Technesis is a PC and Mac repair specialist in Philadelphia. This computer store offers premium IT solutions for residents and businesses of Philly. Technesia offers computer repair, technical consultation, data recovery services, etc. They also offer bespoke PC services where their specialists can help you build the computer of your dreams. The computer store can do same-day service and has no hourly rate, which puts it above the rest, alongside its top-notch services. If you need to work on your PC or Mac, or need a new gaming PC, Technesia is the best place to get them built.

Custom PC, data recovery, PC / MAC repair, same day service

Address: 1805 South 18th St. Philadelphia, PA 19145
Telephone: (267) 293 9597
Website: technesia.com

Dan was responsive throughout the process and kept me updated with information. He even followed me over the next few days to see how the computer worked. Its online planning platform also makes its service convenient. – Grégory Scannapieco


Philadelphia, PA Best Computer Stores

Selecronic is one of the oldest computer stores and is also a global distributor of semiconductors and other electronic devices. The store opened in 1982 and has since grown into the city’s most trusted electronics and computer store. Selectronics has grown its reputation by consistently providing high quality service and by meeting (and exceeding) all the needs and wants of its customers. For more than 3 decades, Selectronics has been committed to providing our customers with the best customer service in the industry, whether through their goods, products and services. If you need parts, service, or something in between, Selectronics in Philly is the best source of the three.

Computers, laptops, electronics

Address: 3114 Grays Ferry Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146
Telephone: (215) 468-4645
Website: selectro.com

Good store to get PC parts and other gadgets for your desktop and laptop. -Tony Lang

Best buy

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's best computer stores

Best buy is one of the best known and popular chain stores for all your computer and electronics needs. Every Best Buy location has just about everything you need, from computer parts, hardware, software, and service. Best Buy is the go-to destination for all of your IT needs, and their customer service is excellent too. Their staff are well trained in technology and will help you with a smile on their face. Whether you need your platform services, are looking to upgrade parts or buy software, Best Buy is the best place to get them, and we haven’t even touched on their offers and sales. incredible.

Laptops and desktops, tablets, monitors, PC games, computer components, software

Address: 2300 S Christopher Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148
Telephone: (215) 336-2212
Website: bestbuy.com

Seems to always have what I’m looking for. My questions are easy to answer, I think they have the best devices from Best Buy. – Zeb Gene


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