5 Best Computer Stores in Oklahoma City, OK


Below is a list of the best and major computer stores in Oklahoma City. To help you find the best Computer Stores near you in Oklahoma City, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

Best Computer Stores in Oklahoma City:

Top rated computer stores in Oklahoma City, OK are:

  • Computer Connection Inc – has helped hundreds of computers with all possible faults
  • Affordable Computer Repair LLC – offers professional assistance for the maintenance of computers or laptops
  • KOMPUTER TEK – provides comprehensive consulting services and IT solutions.
  • Amax computer – offers its customers a complete and comprehensive IT support store
  • JSM Computers – award-winning electronics company based in Oklahoma City

Connexion Informatique Inc
Affordable Computer Stores in Oklahoma City

Connexion Informatique Inc has repaired and maintained hundreds of computers with every possible defect. The company’s goals to help every customer with all of their IT worries. They have been serving the community for over 17 years. In addition, they have a team of knowledgeable experts. Their team is well versed and reliable in all IT needs.

They offer computer construction services for all types of computers. This covers gaming PCs to work PCs. In addition, their planning and design areas prioritize affordability and efficiency. They also create each build with profitable techniques.


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Address: 6607 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Telephone: (405) 848-2044
Website: computerconnectionok.com


“I received excellent customer service from Zach Henry with Computer Connection! He not only provided great customer service but also gave me some suggestions that would help me in the future. I sincerely appreciate his non-intimidating and kind manner. “- Kristy Stevens

Affordable Computer Repair LLC

Computer stores credited to Oklahoma City

Affordable Computer Repair LLC offers professional assistance for the maintenance of computers or laptops. Plus, this is a local business known for its exceptional service since opening. The company offers high quality services at the most competitive prices. In addition, they have a great team who have devoted all of their time and effort to provide a wide range of service options.

The expert services and products of their store include the maintenance of each gadget. This includes laptops, computers and Ipads. In addition, they offer on-site repairs, timely cleanings. They also deal with every computer problem with modern equipment and techniques.


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Address: 7515 South Pennsylvania Avenue A & B, Oklahoma City, OK 73159
Telephone: (405) 227-0043
Website: affordablecomputerrepairokc.com


“A quick glance at my laptop and they were able to fix a wireless adapter issue and connect me again. Very good service! “-David Harper


Complete Computer Stores in Oklahoma City

KOMPUTER TEK provides consulting services and comprehensive solutions. They are connecting with their customers the moment they reach out to them. They also have a team of specialists ready to help at any time possible. In addition, the company is ready for all IT solutions for small and medium businesses. They make sure to provide their customers with the best customer service.

They offer a wide range of services that their customers can have on their online websites. Additionally, their service selections include consulting, IT equipment, and IT support. Moreover, they create the perfect IT development according to their client’s specifications.


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Address: 2904 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Telephone: (405) 602-8811
Website: komputertek.com


These guys are awesome! As a PC enthusiast who has built my own platform and occasionally builds PCs for friends, they always have what I need when I’m missing a part. They respond quickly to any questions I may have and their prices on various parts are absolutely unbeatable. – Alexandre Rouge

Amax computer

All-in-One Computer Stores in Oklahoma City

Amax computer offers its customers a complete and comprehensive IT support store. This is a full service store that can handle any IT issue. They help customers by repairing their computers with reliable and certified solutions. In addition, their mission is to provide extraordinary solutions so that each electronic is correctly fixed. They are committed to providing their customers with affordable IT solutions at the best prices.

They provide a full selection of reliable services, from diagnostics to software upgrades. Plus, they offer to help every customer with affordable screen replacement and laptop accessories. Their store also offers free computer diagnostic services.


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Address: 926 Straka Terrace, Oklahoma City, OK 73139
Telephone: (405) 605-5899
Website: www.shersbridalandformalwear.com


“This place is the best. Quick return and best prices in the state.
Thank you Amax! ” – Boo Hoo

JSM Computers

Award-winning computer stores in Oklahoma City

JSM Computers is an award-winning electronics company based in Oklahoma City. Their IT professionals are qualified to provide computer diagnostics to electronic retailers. Their company is dedicated to giving the best out of every gadget. Plus, they are home to affordable and reliable gadget selections. In addition, they have been awarded as the best seller on Ebay.

They house exceptional products recognized by more than 5 different known electronics vendors. Plus, they have all the new products from laptops to desktops. Plus, they provide solutions to all IT needs in one place.


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Address: 3205 E Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Call: (405) 241-8300
Website: jsmcomputers.com


“Great customer service. I had issues with UPS and they worked to provide me with my computer and kept in touch with me daily on what was going on. – Elonda Akers


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